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Mathieu Cadelo is my name.



It is all answered in my bio below...


Born and bred in the South of France, a city called Bidart, I went to Bordeaux at the age of 18 to study Psychology in the first place. After obtaining my Bachelor degree, I wanted to achieve something different for myself, a field where I could express my views.

That's how I jumped into a HND of Graphic Design at Creasud, and came to London soon after in 2015. I was thrilled by the challenge

of a bigger city and the possibility to push the RESET button to finally find myself.

I worked in various fields to be able to have a good spoken English and went to work in Paris as a graphic designer in 2018 at the studio Elsa muse, a place where stop-motion is THE QUEEN. Coming back after a break from the Big smoke, I figured out that graphic design wasn't enough to fulfil my fantasies; it still animates me but it was just about time to upgrade my skills.

Very much amused by motion, I decided to dive into the world of animation and taught myself how

to give life to my own stories. At the beginning, it was only a way for me to say what I could not express with words. And then, I started to value my work enough to share it with friends and strangers on social medias. I could have never imagined

that people would be interested in my absurd, colourful and sometimes vulgar kind of style; but they were and it made me feel alive!!

Brand identity, illustration, editorial, animation, storytelling, storyboarding, all served with good communication skills, attention and sensitivity is the package that I am offering to you readers.

In human beings I have faith, RESPECT EACH OTHER is my motto,

queerness and mental health are my soft spots, giving a real voice to the unheard is my shameless life's long project and will always be.

"Less is more" by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe encapsulates in my opinion my graphic design style.

I envision it as slick, clean and bold; where Swiss style and Russian constructivism have always been a great inspiration. As Russian artists were so called, I like to imagine myself as an engineer when it comes to create something new; I live for the challenge of pushing the taboo in the rigid confines of the graphic form. But I keep in mind that the final has to be accessible, yet surprising and impactful.

"Less is a bore" by Robert Venturi is a perfect representation of what I do as an animator; kinky, colourful, opulent and almost tiring

because of what's given to the eyes but always poignant. It's full of truth, my truth. Dada had and still has a huge impact on my freedom

to create. No rules to follow because it's ruleless, it is like stepping into a dimension where

absurdity, provocation, shamelessness, authenticity and freedom of speech are to be embraced.

It is creating a space where: dreams and nightmares can be spoken, Mr. Hyde can finally be seen and Beetlejuice can always be summoned.

Achievements -

Collaboration with Mezcal Verde for a special Summer 2021 edition

Music video "Playground" by My Ugly Clementine selected at the Vienna Short Film Festival in April 2019

Work exhibited at QAN, Queer Art Now festival exhibition in March 2019

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