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The London based band "Doctors shore" asked me to imagine a whole story for their track called "HUDRA".The final is an hand-drawn music video where the main character runs after themselves, 

braving many obstacles on their way but never loosing faith, there is a real thirst for reconnecting.

labrum - london SS22

September 18th 2021, Labrum London was making his debut at London Fashion Week. Foday, the fashion designer collaborated with the well know London based artist Yinka to create the identity of the show.

I was brought in to give life to Yinka's illustrations, creating animations based on the West African migration. Videos were projected during the presentation of SS22 collection on nineteen screens surrounding the runway.

boundless theatre

A new show opens its doors on November 2021. Written by Nessah Muthy, directed by Stef O'Driscoll and

performed by Elizabeth Ayodele, the Boundless Theatre presents "How To Save The Planet When You're A Young

Carer And Broke". To promote this new piece, Cameron Carver shot a video trailer and I was asked to create an overlay animation matching the unfortunate journey of Lavisha, a nineteen years old girl walking the streets of London.

Triple - double show

"Triple - Double addresses topical matters about the pressure society puts on our bodies (focusing on LGBTQ+ ones)

and opens the debate on mental health in sport. In a multi layered digital experience merging live performance, archive footage and animation, you'll see Luis embody Bette Davis and Blanche Dubois, while performing as a gymnast and manifesting a queer soul in a sports broadcast." I was in charge of creating a logo and three animations for this show.


Josh Strauss used to run events known under the name "Be nice club". A collective of dj's would

make you sweat until late with a different theme every month. Here a collection of five hot teasers.


In collaboration with Marie-Thérèse Hildenbrandt, a film maker, this piece has been created

for "Symposium", an exhibition in Vienna. When at night, two actors were playing Leopardi's poem "Dialogue between Death and Fashion", this short video was looped all day long, projected

in a flooded bathroom of an old hospital. Death in conversation with Fashion, do not disturb.


A song about inequalities between men and women in our societies. A sweet feminist shout out written 

by "My Ugly Clementine", a band from Vienna ruled by four non binary singers. A hand drawn music

video depicting a fun yet spicy relationship. Selected for the "VIENNA SHORT FILM FESTIVAL" 2020.


Sharktank, an Austrian band filmed their own music video during the lockdown for the release of their 

track "In my garden". I was commissioned to work on their final, adding a themed overlayed animation.


Mella Casata is an Austrian pop singer. In 2019 she came to London to shoot her first music video directed by Marie-Thérèse Hildenbrandt. Catchy melody, colourful video, typical summer track.

I created an overlayed animation matching the spirit of the artist, giving to the eyes a bit of surprise.


A collaboration with the band "The Colour that Raise", based in London. Two short videos created with different samples of their coming up album. Used as teasers for social medias, one follows the narrator story when the second one is inspired by the beats, melody and the general atmosphere of the track.


Hotdog Grrrl & the sesame buns is a band based in East London. When they hit the stage, they transform the

venue with their hyper energy, continuously giving to their audience until the very last second of the show.

This video is a nod to their charisma, uniqueness, silliness and talent. Strong imagery displayed, just a warning.


For its 5th edition, Queer Art Now festival (QAN) selected three on my videos to showcase among plenty

of talented artists. It is a platform pointing at the thoughts, preoccupations, aesthetics and politics of

contemporary queer artists. Three videos dealing with sexuality issues and the impact on mental health.

Jean-Louis, le salon, paris

February 2018, Jean-Louis launched his first ever event; a salon at Le jardin des Tuileries, Paris. With a ticket

in your pocket, you could access the heart of the venue, meet a new generation of artists and even shop.

With the studio "Elsa Muse", we were in charge of photographing influencers invited at Jean-Louis Le salon

with a decor made by our own hands and creating Gifs for social medias and the Jean-Louis online platform.

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